Congrats! You probably end up here as you plan to learn surfing in Bali the most efficient and fun way possible! Or you are looking for a surf buddy who will be your private surf guide and takes you to Bali’s best surfing spots. Well then, you have just found the right place.

Beginner surf lessons Bali

Beginner Surf Lessons

The perfect choice if you would like to devote some days during your holiday to learn how to surf – alone of with some friends. No surf experience required!

Beginner surf lessons
Advanced surf lessons Bali

Advanced surf lessons

Improve your surfing skills with the professional tips from your private surf guide! After your surf lesson you will definitely feel the growth in confidence.

Advanced surf lessons

Surf guiding & surf tours

Discover another side of Bali’s surf culture and challenge your surf skills at new spots! Your private surf guide will be your ultimate surf buddy!

Surf guiding and tours

Kids surf lessons

Safe and fun surf lessons for your kids! Each child will be assigned to one surf instructor to provide full safety and guarantee a great time being in the ocean!

Kids Surf Lessons

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Your first time surfing? 

No worries! Your surf instructor will teach you in a private or group beginner surf lessonOur one-to-one coaching is the most efficient, intensive and safest way to learn how to surf without any regrets. We promise you, it only takes one wave until you are totally carried away and inspired for the rest of your live! Not convinced yet? Read what other surfers experienced with Surf Buddy Bali in our surf reviews!

Need a local surf buddy to be your Bali surf guide?

Our certified surf guide will take you to the best surf spot according to your needs, either in a private advanced surf session or in a group. Needless to say, you will benefit in so many ways from their local knowledge and their surfing experience. Your surf gudie will observe your surfing to share helpful tips how to improve your surfing skills and will give you that safety you need while surfing new spots in Bali.

Surf Bali with us!

Bali offers some of the most well-known surf breaks on the Indonesian archipel. Many pro surfer visit the island on a regular basis to surf Padang-Padang, Keramas or Uluwatu or to join top-class surf competitions. This is not only because of Bali’s excellent swell, which is present all year-around. It is a truely magical destination, offering a unique cultural and surf travel experience for beginners, intermediate, advanced or professional surfers around the world. We, from Surf Buddy Bali, are fortunate to call it our home.

6 reasons why you should surf with a private surf guide in Bali

Surf uncrowded waves

Certified local surf instructors

Support the local community

Immerse into Bali’s culture

Your safety first with certified surf guides

One-to-one guiding and progressive coaching