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Are you planning to learn surfing in Bali or to improve your surf skills the most efficient way? With a private surf guide in Bali you have the chance to get individualized surf coaching according to your surf level, without staying in a surf camp in Bali. We are based in Canggu and Medewi, but will take you surf to the best surf spots for you!

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Surf guiding in Canggu, Medewi and beyond

Where do we surf? Although we are based in Canggu and Medewi, this does not mean we only do surf guiding in Canggu or Medewi! We offer individualized surf lessons and guiding to different spots in Bali according to your surf skills. This could be a surf session in Canggu, if you are new to surfing and crowds don’t bother you yet ;), or a surf trip to spots like Balian, Keramas are any other area.

ASI certified and experienced surf guides in Bali

Head coach Budi and all assisting surf guides of Surf Buddy Bali are ASI certified surf instructors! We customize your surfing experience according to your needs and goals, either in a private advanced surf session or in a group. Needless to say, you will benefit in so many ways from their local knowledge and their surfing experience. Each surf guide will observe your surfing to share helpful tips on how to improve your surfing skills and will give you that safety you need while surfing new spots in Bali.

Why choosing a private surf guide in Bali?

One-to-one guiding & progressive coaching

Flexible Booking

Video coaching

Well maintained surf equipment

ASI Certified local surf guides

Different surf spots

Your first time surfing? 

No worries! Your surf instructor will teach you in a private or group beginner surf lessonOur one-to-one coaching is the most efficient, intensive and safest way to learn how to surf without any regrets. We promise you, it only takes one wave to catch the surfing bug and get inspired for the rest of your live! Not convinced yet? Read what other surfers experienced with Surf Buddy Bali in our surf reviews!

Surf trips for intermediate surfer

Bali offers some of the most well-known surf breaks on the Indonesian archipel like Padang-Padang, Keramas or Uluwatu, just to name a few. But there are many more spots yet unknown to media and visiting surfers! Our surf guides will take you on a Bali surf trip away form hot spots like Canggu or Uluwatu so you can test your skills on less crowded waves.

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