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5 reasons why you perhaps shouldn’t choose a private surf guide for your surf travel in Bali

5 reasons why you perhaps shouldn’t choose a private surf guide for your surf travel in Bali

No seriously, you actually shouldn’t go in the water for the first time without a local surfguide! But just to make sure you understand the many reasons why, we have pointed out a few.

1. You like to surf with the crowds.

You have made a good research in the internet and seem to know pretty much all about the breaks in Bali! But don’t get upset when you sit in the middle of 50 other surfers as apparently you weren’t the only one who ended up with the same google search results. If you really want to avoid crowded waves, be sure to surf with a local surf guide. He knows all the surf breaks, which aren’t listed in Google Search results and which are less visited by other surfers. He knows the character of the waves, the other locals in the water and moreover, knows how to make you feel comfortable with the waves. Your private surf guide will let you know, when the next good wave is approaching and will even give you that last little push you need to start your ride. And if the next good set is taking its time, what can be better than a surf buddy to chat, chuckle and laugh with?

2. You don’t want to improve your surfing skills.

|”The danger in teaching yourself how to surf is, that a mistake
might get your habit before you even know it.”

You already managed to stand up on the board by yourself. Okay, it’s only in the white water, but it is your first achievement. Yeah, you are starting to get the hang of it. But suddenly you recognize the ones, that have been starting surfing with you the same day and are now killing it, while you are still struggling in the white wash. Even though learning how to surf can be an awfully long process, you probably must be doing something wrong. And you will never know, if you don’t let anybody tell you. The danger in teaching yourself how to surf is, that a mistake might get your habit before you even know it. A private surf guide will observe your surf and immediately let you know, what you can improve. There is definitely no faster learning success than with a private surf lesson.

3. You’re a dare-devil.

You just love the feeling, when adrenalin rushes through your body and makes your heart beat faster. You are always striving for something new, something unknown! Especially trying new surf spots makes you excited! But you better be warned, surfing in new spots, especially as a non-experienced surfer, can be adventurous, yes, but also very dangerous. You need to know about certain factors, that make a spot worth surfing or risky. The seabed could be sharp, the water shallow, the tide decreasing too fast and the current too strong (especially here in Bali). If you want to try new surf spots in Bali, you better go surfing with a local surf guide! He does not only know some of the best non-commercial breaks on this island, but also he is aware of the current, the swell, the wind and can evaluate if a surf will be fun for you or not. Plus, he is constantly watching over your safety during your surf lesson. If your leash snaps, he’ll be there in seconds and takes you back to the shore. If you got washed really bad, he is the one that picks you up again and motivates you again with a joke; who knows how to clean your reef cut – the local way of course;). In a word, better to get your adrenaline while surfing an awesome wave with your surf guide instead of taking the risks and surfing alone.

| “Best way to go on a surf adventure in Bali is to go loco!”

4. You want an all-inclusive surf camp holiday!

If you go on holiday, “budget” is your magical word. Of course, every surfer is striving for spending as little money as possible. At first sight, booking a surf camp may be attractive. That all-inclusive package seem to be a good catch, including accommodation, surf lessons and sometimes even food. But did you know that booking a private surf guide in Bali can be not only cheaper than a surf camp, but also way more flexible? Our guides have the right contacts of surf accommodations close to the beach, which offer clean and at the same time reasonable rooms. You also don’t have to worry, that eating local food will make you bankrupt. It’s quite the contrary! You will be amazed how yummy and inexpensive local Indonesian food is, also in Bali! After your session your private guide will take you to his favourite local “warungs” (Indonesian restaurants). Best way to go on a surf adventure in Bali is to go loco!

5. You don’t like to immerse into Bali’s culture!

Oh, talking about surf camps in Bali, how local can you go with that all-inclusive package? Except of the surf, everything happens inside your castle and can be quite monoton after a while. If you don’t want to leave your comfort zone, of course, go ahead. But is that really that surf adventure that you have been craving for? Choosing a private surf guide in Bali is the ultimative surf and cultural experience you can get! You will not only go for less crowded waves, but you will get to know Bali’s people, their humor, their daily lives. For example, go on a 2-day surf tour to the West Coast with Surf Buddy Bali and you will make experiences that you wont forget. You will find yourself in a very picturesque beach setting that is still paradise. Not only your professional surf instructor will take you to the longest left-hander wave in Bali, you will also get to know their homes, chat with them while sipping a local Bali kopi and some sweets, meet their friends while putting on the sunscreen. Enjoy a fantastic barbecue of fresh grilled fish served on banana leaves, just how the boys did it all their lives and you are welcome to join! Immerse youserlf in a new culture by cruising around with a private surf guide in Bali.


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