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Before you choose your surf lesson: are you beginner or advanced?

What seems to be easy to define, is actually a decision most of holiday surfers might get wrong. We make it easy for you with the following self test:

1. You have never ever stand on a board and you think the tail of a surfboard is the leash (what is a leash ?!); Join our surf program for beginner and we will give you the best beginner surf lessons in Bali. Buddy will take you from zero to hero!

2. You already have a firm stand on the board and you are pretty confident about going into water with your surfboard. You can paddle in waist high water as well. You have progressed pretty good and we would love to bring your skills from beginner to advanced level in our beginner program. Yes, still kind of beginner.

3. You already have a good feeling for incoming wave sets and havecatched your own wave. Now you would like to learn how to use left-hander and right-hander waves to the fullest. We’d love to teach you in our advanced surf program.

Still struggle to define your surfing skills? No worries! In any ways we will tailor the best surf program for you. Your surf guide will always meet you upfront your surf lesson in Bali to talk about your surfing experience, your surfboard size and your surf plan for the next days.


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