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Surf lessons Bali


Now that you know how it feels to catch your own wave, it is impossible to stop you from surfing. Take an advanced surf lesson and improve your surf performance to get from a beginner to an intermediate, from intermediate to an advanced surfing level. There is still a long way from making speed to your first bottom and top turn. Therefore it is important to avoid surfing mistakes. We give you the best tips and techniques in our advanced surf lessons.

Surf lessons for intermediate surfers

How to gain speed? How to do a bottom and top turn? Our surf teachers will take your surfing performance to a next level by providing you with the right tips and techniques. This will help you to avoid the most common surfing mistakes. Remember, once you learn it wrong and it will get a habit, it is hard to change that habit. You will be surprised how easy it is if you just have the right surfing teacher.

  • Suitable for intermediate/advanced surfers
  • Private or groups up to 3
  • 2,5 hours surf lesson including theory

Advanced surf lessons Bali


Private advanced surf lesson/ guiding

(price per person)

1 day              600,000 IDR
2 days          1,200,000 IDR
3 days          1,750,000 IDR
4 days          2,350,000 IDR
5 days          2,900,000 IDR
6 days          3,450,000 IDR
7 days          4,000,000 IDR

each further day 500,000 IDR

Group advanced surf lesson

(price per person, 2-3 people)

1 day            450.000 IDR
2 days          900,000 IDR
3 days          1,350,000 IDR
4 days          1,800,000 IDR
5 days          2,150,000 IDR
6 days          2,600,000 IDR
7 days          3,000,000 IDR

What’s included

  • Surf technique at the beach
  • 1 surf session*
  • Pick-up from accommodation and drop
  • Tips on how to improve surfing
  • Surf pictures from 5 day package or upon request
  • Video analysis from 3 day package or upon request

* surfboard rental 50,000 IDR per person

What skills are essential

You feel comfortable with your take-off and have found the right balance on your board. Now it is about to get real! Our surf guides will take your surfing skills to the next level.

What you will learn

  • Choosing the right wave
  • Improve your timing
  • Paddle efficiently
  • Turn right and left, backhand and frontside
  • Duck dive properly
  • Accelerate and make speed
  • Your first top and bottom turn