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Kids Surf Lesson Bali

Surf lesson for children

We provide kids surf lessons in Bali, teaching your children how to surf and give them that very special adventurous experience! Our private surf guides make sure that your kids will have a great time being in the water and build up a close relationship with the ocean. So don’t waste your time building castles in sand, get your kids on a surfboard!

Kids surf lessons

Our kids surf lessons are a safe way to introduce your child to the world of surfing. To provide full safety each child will be taught in a one-on-one lesson and receive an own surf instructor. Surfing is not only a fun experience for your kids! Don’t forget about all the great benefits your kids can asses while surfing in the ocean!

  • Outstanding benefit on your kids physical health!
  • They develop a special relationship towards the ocean & nature in general
  • It only takes one wave, and you’re kid has the chance to discover the sport of their life!
  • Surfing is great for their mental-health and encourages self-improvement!
  • Surfing simply will make you kid happy! Happy kids, happy vacation!

Kids surf lessons Bali


Private kids surf lessons

(price per person)

1 day               550,000 IDR
2 days          1,100,000 IDR
3 days          1,600,000 IDR
5 days          2,600,000 IDR
7 days          3,600,000 IDR

each further day 450,000 IDR

Group kids surf lesson*

(price per person, 2-3 people)

1 day            500.000 IDR
2 days         1,000,000 IDR
3 days          1,500,000 IDR
5 days          2,500,000 IDR
7 days          3,350,000 IDR

What’s included

  • Ocean safety and surfing rules
  • 1 surf session
  • Bottled water
  • Pick-up from accommodation and drop**
  • Parents are free to join!***
  • Surf pictures and video analysis upon request

* kids group lesson: they will get picked up by one car, but receive an own surf instructor at the beach each

**pick-up from Bukit and Sanur area 100.000 IDR extra charge

*** Parents will not receive any guidance in the water. If they require surf lessons, an additional surf instructor will be arranged.

What skills are essential

The most important requirement is, that you child can swim and already has some swimming practice. Your surf guide will decide together with you as a parent and your child, if he/she will be surf on an own surfboard or will to tandem surfing together with the surf guide.

What your kid will learn

  • Ocean safety
  • Paddling
  • Balance on the board
  • Position on the board
  • Standing up/ take off on the wave
  • Riding the wave

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