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Surf guiding Bali


Surf guiding with Surf Buddy Bali is to surf uncrowded waves. Don’t waste your time checking surf spots which are packed with surfers or simply flat. We are local on the island of Bali and know where to take you for an ultimate surf experience at every surf condition.

Surf guiding in Bali

Depending on the season, swell and wind changes on the island of Bali and brings up different wave conditions on each surf spot. However, why should you care about the wind or swell direction, if you have a professional surf guide at your side? Exactly, you can totally rely on their local knowledge. He will chose the right surf spot to make the most out of your surf day trip or surf tour. Our surf guide will observe you for your full safety and help you in catching your wave of the day. Depending on your power and the conditions, you will have up to 2 surf sessions in the water.

  • Suitable for intermediate/advanced/pro surfers
  • Private or group guiding
  • half day trip or full day



Half day surf trip

(price per person)
1 day               500,000 IDR
2 days          1,000,000 IDR
3 days          1,500,000 IDR
4 days          2,000,000 IDR
5 days          2,500,000 IDR
6 days          2,950,000 IDR
7 days          3,400,000 IDR
each additional day 450,000 IDR

Full day surf trip

(price per person)
1 day            700,000 IDR
2 days          1,400,000 IDR
3 days          2,100,000 IDR
4 days          2,800,000 IDR
5 days          3,500,000 IDR
6 days          4,150,000 IDR
7 days          4,800,000 IDR
each additional day 650,000 IDR

What’s included

  • Spot introduction
  • 1 or 2 surf sessions*
  • Bottled water
  • Pick-up from accommodation and drop**
  • Tips on how to improve surfing
  • Surf pictures and video analysis upon request

* how many surf sessions depends on the conditions of the wave ** pick-up from Bukit and Sanur area 100.000 IDR extra charge *** board rental 50,000 IDR/half day, 100,000 IDR/full day

Guided Surf Trip to Medewi/Balian

Experience a road less traveled by tourist, less crowded waves and a peacefull village. It is not that hard to find serenity among the coconut beaches and friendly people. Your surf guide will take you to his home village Medewi and you can take big advantage of his local knowledge. You may not only surf at Medewi and Balian, but also get to know the locals while having a Balinese coffee and some cake at the beach. Surf trip Medewi

Guided Surf Tour to Lombok

A surf trip to Lombok is a great opportunity to get away from the buzzing streets and tourist centres in Bali. The island is a 7 hours ferry ride from Bali and a renowned surf destination as well, with outstanding reef and point breaks. But it’s less crowded though and peaceful as Bali used to be several years ago. You surf guide will pick you up at your accommodation and take you on an unforgettable and inspiring surf adventure. Price on request