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Medewi has it all, and yet, has nothing you would expect from a typical tourist are in South Bali. Located on the West Coast, a 2 hours drive from Canggu, it is still a small paradise-like hideaway with a less crowded point break and other uncrowded surf spots in easy reach. Some surfers might have their longest left-hander wave in Medewi. Also, many of our guest said that Medewi is just like most villages must have looked like years ago. The perfect destination for one or more day trip off the beaten paths of touristic Bali.

Surfing in Medewi

Most of our surf guides were born in Medewi. Your guide will be the ultimate local expert, so to say. They know where to surf in perfect and imperfect conditions (they do exist). Also, they know best about the current and tricky conditions of the surf spot.
There are several surf spots in and around Medewi that will be your surf destination for your surf day trip up the west coast. Depending on the conditions, your surf guide will take you to the best working spot according to your skills.

Medewi Point Break

When the swell may be too big for other surf spots in Canggu, Medewi point break shows itself from its best side.This wave is breaking over stone bottom and is so much fun, especially if you are stepping from intermediate to advanced surf level. It is amellow breaking lefthander, best for learning and improving turns on backside, if your are regular, and of course on frontside if you are goofy. If the swell has a good day, you can also ride long tubes on the inside. Longboard riders will have awesome days out when the swell is more comfortable.

  • Left-hander wave
  • Mellow wave
  • Stone bottom
  • Suitable for all surf levels
  • Best at mid and high tide

Medewi Right and Medewi Beach Break

If you can handle a faster wave, there are more options for you to find your perfect surf in Medewi. The beautiful black sand beach also provides a beach break, which can be quite heavy when the swell is big. If you are an advanced surfer, you should definitely not miss to have a few surfs there as well. Our surf guides in Medewi know how to handle this spot and will guide you safely.

  • Right hander wave
  • Fast and hollow wave
  • Stone bottom
  • Suitable for advanced level
  • Best at mid and high tide

Day trip to Medewi – spend a day or more in Medewi

…and you will realize, that it is quite different from other villages you have been to in Bali. The majority of its inhabitants are Muslim and they live peacefully together with their Hindu neighbours – Medewi’s welcoming, kind and charming locals therefore set an example for everybody. A handful and modest number of hotels, cottages and homestays can be found close to the beach, offering accommodations in Medewi for every demand: from budget local rooms to premium spa’s and resorts.

Day Trip Fee

upon request

Medewi Surf Community

Local surfers are spending a lot of effort to keep the spot attractive and to bring their surfing groms to a national level. Surf competitions like the Rip Curl Grom Search are organized from the local surf community, Medewi boardriders, on a regular basis.

In addition, they are pushing and motivating their local surfers through local competitions. They sponsor their groms to encourage them to join surf competitions around Bali and Indonesia. If you are offered to purchase a t-shirt from the Medewi boardriders, remember that it is for the kids good. The shirts might not be cheap as a bintang shirt, but much more valuable and sustainable. The money is used to sponsor the next surf generation in Medewi.